"At 55 years old I live a healthy, fit, and fun life. I live in freedom of movement with strength and flexibility enjoying a bright & healthy future. I have consistently pursued fitness and nutrition because as a child I was overweight, obsessed with food and very unhappy. In my teens, I made the decision to not live being overweight and unmotivated. As I grew I had a lot of victories in keeping a healthy weight but still would have setbacks; college, pregnancy,etc. that I struggled through. I would feel so defeated. But over the years I have gained a lot of education, knowledge and training that helps me everyday to win the battle of being overweight and feeling defeated. I want to help you achieve everyday freedom without the excess baggage of being overweight, unfit and unmotivated. Together, we can succeed in creating a better life for you and your body!" 

Karen Kiernan
Fitness & Nutrition Coach CPT, CES, BCS

Karen and Harlow Return

Out for a Spring Ride

Karen With Son Brandon, and Grandsons Braden and Lincoln, Ready to Ride the Hill
Karen (right) and Faith complete the Spartan Sprint

Mission Statement

I coach to provide fitness and nutrition excellence to all people seeking to live a fit and healthy life.

I coach to help all people live with freedom of movement to pursue their choice of adventure.

I coach to help all people live with strong bodies to conquer the rigors of everyday lifeā€“no matter your age.

I coach to help all people achieve and maintain their natural, healthy weight.